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Here we have a definition of faith, it's being sure of what we hope for and convinced of what we do not see. So, because you hope to live for ever then you are certain that there is an afterlife, being particularly convinced because there is no evidence to support any sort of living after death. Is that right? Actually reading on there are some examples of the faith of various OT characters, who are all exalted for doing things because God told them it would work out OK, even though many of them didn't receive their promised reward.

Apparently Moses was suffering abuse for Christ, bit before his time there.

Any Christians not suffering for their faith are not being disciplined as a son would be by a loving but strict father so are not legitimate. No wonder modern western Christians like to claim they are being oppressed despite often representing the majority/established religion. If they don't make sure they are suffering in some way then God doesn't love them enough.

Ah well, it ends with some reminders to be nice to each other, you can't ever disagree with those parts.
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