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The dragon known as Satan gives a seven headed leopard-bear-lion-beast the power to rule the earth and everyone worships it, everyone that lives on earth because their name wasn't in Jesus' book of life since the beginning. This beast gives the power to another beast who does lots of deceiving and convincing people to worship it.

This final beast makes all people get a mark of the beast on their right hand or forehead if they want to buy or sell things. I think I'd ask for my right hand to be marked if a preference is allowed. The beast's number is 666 and it is this number or his name (not specified) that should form the mark.

The saved people don't have any choice between right hand or forehead, they all have Jesus and God's names written on their foreheads. These are 144,000 virgin men who sing and follow Jesus all over the place.

Getting the beast's mark makes God angry with you and he'll torture you with fire and sulphur in front of him and his angels, now I'm seeing God as Jabba the Hutt enjoying the suffering of his prisoners.

Seven angels enact the final seven plagues and torture the humans remaining on earth a bit more. Unsurprisingly, the people being tortured with sores and sunburn are blaming God for their troubles and are not really in the mood to give him any glory.

All the kings of earth are brought together in a place called Armageddon for a final battle but first, the final plague is a huge earthquake that flattens all the cities and mountains followed by really big hail. And yet everyone continued blaspheming God, shocking.


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