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The technicalities of heaven's legal system are such that they can only chain up Satan for one thousand years and then have to let him go to have another attempt at deceiving the world before apparently being defeated one final time.

Also, if your name isn't on the list then it's into the lake of fire with you. Sounds like the most extreme celeb party ever.

I do wonder why anyone would want to worship this God who uses humans as pawns in his celestial feud with Satan, condemning any who are deceived by Satan and only letting those into heaven who were already destined to go. Seems that if there was even a slim chance of his existence then I'd choose not to worship him.

Once all this stuff has happened there will be no more death, pain or crying, at least for the special chosen ones. All the people who didn't get chosen, or sinned will have all the suffering. But if you cowardly pick the mindless worship in fear of the lake of fire, I don't think that helps you because one of the detestable people who'll be going there are cowards.

A shiny new Jerusalem will appear, all shaped and measured according to various factors of 12, and decorated with expensive gems, with fruit trees in season all the time.

There will be no more night, God's light will shine down on them forever. How do you get any sleep?

More circular logic, this is all true because the angel within the story said it was all true. He also said that the time of this prophecy coming true was near, so truth is probably relative.

I think that's it, that's the end. I'm thinking about writing some sort of final conclusion post soon, but for now, that's all folks, thanks for following me through this long year!
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