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An atheist reads the bible

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Name:wolfpurplemoon's bible reading adventure
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[info]wolfpurplemoon is an Atheist, but came into possession of The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R Crumb and decided to start reading the bible from cover to cover. In a Year. And then it seemed it would be better to not accost close friends with daily ponderings on this subject, so they've been relegated to this community.

I definitely don't have any academic knowledge of scripture and I started with very little experience of the bible's contents, beyond what I picked up at school and from various sources around the internet. I've also never belonged to any religion and have rarely stepped foot in a church so my responses to the passages tend to be just my immediate gut reactions, with a little assistance from the Skeptics Annotated Bible, so don't expect deep or profound insights or even anything particularly intellectual.

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