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Everyone dies so enjoy life while you can, as noone knows when their time is up, once you're gone that is it.

Wisdom is better than war, although good things can be destroyed by one sinner.

Wisdom is needed in every day life to avoid dangers that can occur during your work, even the bible is obsessed with health and safety!

Again, human knowledge had surpassed what was known in biblical times, we do know the path of the wind and we understand the development of the foetus in its mother's womb, so (following the logic of 11:5) obviously we can know the "work of God who makes everything".

How does this not make your head explode? You are to enjoy your life to the fullest, following your desires and impulses. BUT you must remember that God is judging you at all times. And while keeping that in mind you have to avoid stress, how?

And the conclusion of this book? Fear God and follow his commandments. I'm not entirely sure how Ecclesiastes leads you to that conclusion.
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You have to say your vows to God in just the right way otherwise you are a fool and it would have been better if you hadn't vowed at all.

You shouldn't be surprised by corruption in the government because there's corruption all the way up.

Rich people can't sleep because they always want more money and goods, they are also unhappy because the money they collected won't serve them after they're dead (it's true). And of course the only possible way to enjoy your life is through God, because he will keep you from dwelling on your own mortality.

More about not being able to enjoy life especially as everything that will happen has been worked out by God already, and you can't argue with your fate. So he already knows that I'll not be turning Christian after reading the bible.

It is wiser to mourn every person's inevitable death than to celebrate births and feasts.

You shouldn't look back at the past and the "good old days" because it is not wise.

You should enjoy times of prosperity and realise that God has a reason for everything that happens when you face adversity, isn't that the time when you should realise that if there is a God then he must be some kind of sadist for planning every horrible act and event on this planet.

Wow, what a revelation (which is apparently an enigma), sometimes good people die young and wicked people live a long time, so it's not worth being really really good at the hope of living a long time because you'll be disappointed.

Don't listen to people too much or you might hear them saying something mean about you.

Life & everything that happens on Earth is too complex for humans to ever understand, really?

OK, more misogyny, one man in a thousand is upright, but not one single woman.

Your king can do whatever he wants, he can't be questioned, and obeying him will protect you from harm (unless he sent you to war or something...)
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Apparently generations coming and going, the sun rising and setting, the cycling patterns of air flow and the water cycle are all monotonous and not worth studying. Nothing ever changes on earth, and noone gets any benefit from effort expended on Earth, nothing is new and everything has been done before. Acquiring knowledge and wisdom and human accomplishment is all futile. This is such a misanthropic point of view, it goes totally against my humanist view of the world. It belittles human accomplishment & the pursuit of understanding our world, I don't understand why this sort of thing is at all comforting to anyone.

And it is pointless to party, to gain possessions, to gain wisdom if it doesn't bring you fame, and to work hard if you are apart from God. Because otherwise God gives all your wealth to someone who did please him, OK then.

There are particular times for every event in a human life (makes a nice song), times that God has made fit just so while keeping it all hidden so we can't find out the right times for ourselves.

Finally something that I can agree with, humans are just like animals, there is no way to know for certain than human and animal spirits have different fates upon death. And we don't know what the future holds so should enjoy the present.

If a people is oppressed then their dead are more fortunate than the living, and those that have not been born are the most fortunate.

There are several futile ways of working (when motivated by envy, greed or prestige) and one that is beneficial, working together with other people and sharing the rewards.

Oh and how do you pronounce Ecclesiastes?


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