1 Timothy

Jan. 22nd, 2011 06:59 pm
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God had mercy on Paul back when he was persecuting Christians because he was ignorant in his unbelief, so I guess those of us who know what we're not believing are screwed then?

Paul has handed some cities over to Satan to teach them not to blaspheme after they rejected Paul's message, did they know they'd been handed over to Satan?

God wants everybody to be saved, and it is Paul's purpose (he's not lying about this) to preach and teach.

OK, back to the misogyny Paul? Women can learn, but quietly and submissively, and there's to be no women allowed to teach or be in authority over a man. All because of that silly Adam and Eve story...

The qualifications for those who wish to hold leadership positions in the church involves basically being a good guy, not a new recent convert though because those people are apparently more susceptible to becoming arrogant and falling into the devil's trap. Candidates should also be the husband of one wife, so no polygamists or single guys need apply (and it goes without saying that no gay men and definitely no women will be considered).

Paul says that we all agree that his religion contains amazing revelation, I think his list is padded though.

In the later times some will desert the faith (only some?) and then will prohibit marriage (not sure why anyone would do that, there's more focus on making marriage laws more equal actually) and require abstinence from foods (I always thought the Atkins Diet was a sign of the end times).

Well that's quite a nice bit, you should treat older men as fathers, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers and younger women as sisters. However, while a widow in need should be honoured, and her children and grandchildren should fulfil their duty to the household, if she dares to live for pleasure and not set all her hopes on God then she is dead while she lives.

There is a list of widows who have pledged to remain widows and serve God, no younger widows are allowed because they may get the desire to marry again. Paul wants younger women to marry, raise children and manage a household (apparently this will keep Satan away or something).

Paul recommends drinking a little wine for digestion and illnesses, strangely I think he's probably right as a little wine can be beneficial.

As I don't agree with Jesus' sound words and the godly teachings I am conceited and understand nothing, and apparently with an unhealthy interest in controversies and verbal disputes, I guess you've got me down to a tee there Paul.

You shouldn't suppose that godliness is a way of making a profit (no preacher or church ever got rich?), the longing for money is in fact the root of all evil and can cause people to stray from the faith.
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