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The technicalities of heaven's legal system are such that they can only chain up Satan for one thousand years and then have to let him go to have another attempt at deceiving the world before apparently being defeated one final time.

Also, if your name isn't on the list then it's into the lake of fire with you. Sounds like the most extreme celeb party ever.

I do wonder why anyone would want to worship this God who uses humans as pawns in his celestial feud with Satan, condemning any who are deceived by Satan and only letting those into heaven who were already destined to go. Seems that if there was even a slim chance of his existence then I'd choose not to worship him.

Once all this stuff has happened there will be no more death, pain or crying, at least for the special chosen ones. All the people who didn't get chosen, or sinned will have all the suffering. But if you cowardly pick the mindless worship in fear of the lake of fire, I don't think that helps you because one of the detestable people who'll be going there are cowards.

A shiny new Jerusalem will appear, all shaped and measured according to various factors of 12, and decorated with expensive gems, with fruit trees in season all the time.

There will be no more night, God's light will shine down on them forever. How do you get any sleep?

More circular logic, this is all true because the angel within the story said it was all true. He also said that the time of this prophecy coming true was near, so truth is probably relative.

I think that's it, that's the end. I'm thinking about writing some sort of final conclusion post soon, but for now, that's all folks, thanks for following me through this long year!
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An angel explains a vision of a sexually immoral woman sitting on a beast in the water, sort of. I think she's supposed to be Babylon, and she will be destroyed because of her immorality. But as the rest of the world already got destroyed it's no surprise that Babylon would go too.

All the throngs in heaven are happy about the whole thing and praise God for his sound judgements.

Jesus will finally get married once the world is all destroyed. And then ride out of heaven on a horse and kill the beast and his false prophet by throwing them into the lake of burning sulphur and killing the rest with the sword in his mouth.

Last day tomorrow!
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The dragon known as Satan gives a seven headed leopard-bear-lion-beast the power to rule the earth and everyone worships it, everyone that lives on earth because their name wasn't in Jesus' book of life since the beginning. This beast gives the power to another beast who does lots of deceiving and convincing people to worship it.

This final beast makes all people get a mark of the beast on their right hand or forehead if they want to buy or sell things. I think I'd ask for my right hand to be marked if a preference is allowed. The beast's number is 666 and it is this number or his name (not specified) that should form the mark.

The saved people don't have any choice between right hand or forehead, they all have Jesus and God's names written on their foreheads. These are 144,000 virgin men who sing and follow Jesus all over the place.

Getting the beast's mark makes God angry with you and he'll torture you with fire and sulphur in front of him and his angels, now I'm seeing God as Jabba the Hutt enjoying the suffering of his prisoners.

Seven angels enact the final seven plagues and torture the humans remaining on earth a bit more. Unsurprisingly, the people being tortured with sores and sunburn are blaming God for their troubles and are not really in the mood to give him any glory.

All the kings of earth are brought together in a place called Armageddon for a final battle but first, the final plague is a huge earthquake that flattens all the cities and mountains followed by really big hail. And yet everyone continued blaspheming God, shocking.
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Locusts with the power of scorpions. Locusts that attack people. Locusts that follow instructions and can tell time. Locusts that torture by stinging like a scorpion. Seriously, what? Also, I wonder if maybe it would have been better to hire scorpions?

OK this sounds like a typical crazy dream moment, you know when in a dream you're suddenly somewhere else or the person you were talking to is suddenly a tortoise? Well, the locusts just became horses. Hey author of Revelation, noone is particularly interested when you start a sentence with 'I had this crazy dream...'

Some other horses, not the scorpion-locust-horses, have tails made of snakes. God goes to a lot of effort designing these freaky creatures just to destroy the world and torture and kill the people in it. Surely an omnipotent being could just will it out of existence in a moment? Especially as all this death and destruction is having no effect on the whether the remaining people believe in this particular God or worship him correctly.

Fire breathing prophets with power over the rain and who die when they are done, and then wake up after three and a half days, freaking everyone out (the fire breathing was apparently less disturbing than the rising from the dead). And following that with an earthquake that kills 7000 is finally enough to convert a bunch of terrified people.

That must be embarrassing, God's ark of covenant is showing!

A dragon sweeps a third of the stars out of the sky with its tail and then tries to eat a new baby as its born because its going to rule over all the nations. God looks after the mother and child (separately). Oh ok, that makes more sense(!), the dragon is Satan. He fights with his angels against Michael and his angels (Supernatural plot point, check! Well, minus the dragon...) and ends up cast down to the earth and starts terrorising people, again still not as evil as God.

It sounds awful to not love your life so much that you were afraid to die. I don't think it's worth being afraid to die but looking forward to it because life isn't too great seems morbid.
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The throne room in Heaven sounds like a pretty trippy place, involving a large circle of thrones and thunder and lightning shooting out - this is starting to sound like something a young child would come up with during drawing time, especially with the random animals hanging about that look like actual animals apart from the six wings and eyes all over.

Jesus is the only one worthy to open the seven seals on a particular scroll, this makes the grovvelling masses in heaven fervently worship.

The first four seals release the four horsemen of the apocalypse - recent seasons of Supernatural have involved some of this end of the world stuff so it's very familiar - behind the fifth seal are the souls of people who've been violently killed for being Christians, apparently there weren't enough of them yet so they have to wait for vengeance. Breaking the sixth seal releases God's wrath on the world, 144,000 Jews are protected from the damage that the angels are given permission to perform.

The seventh seal just involves more damage and death on the earth, different disasters heralded by angels trumpeting before destroying a third of something like turning a third of the sea to blood and killing sea creatures.
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I already think the author of Revelation must have been taking something, not only do voices speak to him, but he saw a fiery eyed, white haired man (Jesus?) amongst seven golden lamp-stands, carrying seven stars in his hand and a sword in his mouth.

The seven lamp-stands represent seven churches that Jesus has some specific instructions and pronouncements for, these are to mostly warn them about various satanic forces that are surrounding them.

Jesus also promises to return 'soon'. All I can be certain of is that starting Revelation means my time reading the bible ends soon!


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