Feb. 4th, 2011

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Locusts with the power of scorpions. Locusts that attack people. Locusts that follow instructions and can tell time. Locusts that torture by stinging like a scorpion. Seriously, what? Also, I wonder if maybe it would have been better to hire scorpions?

OK this sounds like a typical crazy dream moment, you know when in a dream you're suddenly somewhere else or the person you were talking to is suddenly a tortoise? Well, the locusts just became horses. Hey author of Revelation, noone is particularly interested when you start a sentence with 'I had this crazy dream...'

Some other horses, not the scorpion-locust-horses, have tails made of snakes. God goes to a lot of effort designing these freaky creatures just to destroy the world and torture and kill the people in it. Surely an omnipotent being could just will it out of existence in a moment? Especially as all this death and destruction is having no effect on the whether the remaining people believe in this particular God or worship him correctly.

Fire breathing prophets with power over the rain and who die when they are done, and then wake up after three and a half days, freaking everyone out (the fire breathing was apparently less disturbing than the rising from the dead). And following that with an earthquake that kills 7000 is finally enough to convert a bunch of terrified people.

That must be embarrassing, God's ark of covenant is showing!

A dragon sweeps a third of the stars out of the sky with its tail and then tries to eat a new baby as its born because its going to rule over all the nations. God looks after the mother and child (separately). Oh ok, that makes more sense(!), the dragon is Satan. He fights with his angels against Michael and his angels (Supernatural plot point, check! Well, minus the dragon...) and ends up cast down to the earth and starts terrorising people, again still not as evil as God.

It sounds awful to not love your life so much that you were afraid to die. I don't think it's worth being afraid to die but looking forward to it because life isn't too great seems morbid.


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