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Jan. 19th, 2011 09:30 pm
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I've realised that Paul's letters are always written to people who have already converted to his religion, reminding them of what he's told them along with answers to things he's been asked (though we don't see their side of the correspondence). Now, obviously these people were convinced of the truth of his preaching when they met him and the other preachers, but that's not the part that the assemblers of the bible decided to show. So, my thinking is that this has not been put together to convince a non-believer but to reassure the already converted. Also, it gets pretty repetitive. I'll try to find something new in this book.

Paul believes that the gospel has been preached in "all creation under heaven" seems unlikely at that time.

Paul doesn't want the newly converted to be deceived through arguments that sound reasonable, the footnote adds that this doesn't mean he's against serious thinking but just the uncritical adoption of a philosophy at odds with a Christian one, I do wonder how critical these new converts were when they converted to Paul's religion though.

Interesting, apparently these converts are to not allow anyone to judge them with respect to the food or drink or feasts they have or Sabbath days. So there should be no judgement on anyone not observing the Sabbath? So, why are we subject to Sunday trading laws in the UK and have Christians moaning that people don't keep Sunday sacred any more?

Ah, that's why certain actors and sportsmen thank God when they win awards and contests, they are to do all their words and deeds in the name of Jesus and give thanks to God.


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