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God tells Obadiah that Israel should go to war against Edom because of their treachery against Israel. God wants to be the only one doing bad things to Israel.

Jonah has an understandable reaction to God demanding things of him, he escapes on a ship which God tries to sink with a storm, the sailors blame Jonah and throw him overboard.

Then Jonah gets swallowed by a massive fish, where he stays safely for a few days praying until God commands the fish to throw up Jonah on land. So much wrong in this story, nothing can convince me that this is true in the slightest.

This means that next time God tells Jonah to take a message he does as he's told. The people he takes God's message to immediately declare a fast, for the animals as well as the people, that's worse than sacrificing animals for religious reasons. But God liked it and relented on his warnings.

God relenting makes Jonah angry and suicidal, and then he gets angry that God kills a plant that he made grow to shade Jonah and then killed so that he was then exposed to the elements. This also makes Jonah angry, spending a long weekend inside a fish has made Jonah a very bad tempered guy.


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